Independent Contractor Team Members

"This is where legal support meets Southern hospitality.  Every client deserves a competent & courteous arm of support.  That's what we provide."

Court Reporter


Our reporters uphold the integrity of the spoken record.  Each is thoroughly trained, impartial, and professional in every way.

Expect prompt arrival, accurate reporting, and low-profile professionals.

Interested in joining our team of court reporters?  E-mail résumé to



Our transcriptionists pursue verbatim accuracy in all transcription efforts.  Each is educated to a specific uniform grammatical standard and trained one-on-one.

Expect consistent service, well-managed deadlines, and effective collaboration.  Interested in joining our transcriptionists?  Click here for more information and to apply online.


Our videographers generate a crisp and compliant video record.​  Each is trained and familiar with the provisions of Rule 30(h) pertaining to videotaped depositions and will assure that the videotaping of each deposition is done in compliance with the provisions of Rule 30(h) and in an impartial manner.

Our clients expect technical proficiency, high-quality video, and discreet documenting.  Interested in joining our videographers?  E-mail résumé to

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