Work for Southern Reporting is as an independent contractor.  As an independent contractor, you are starting up your own transcription business.  As with any business, you can expect to incur start-up costs.  It is an investment in the future of your business as a self-employed transcriptionist.

Why must I provide my own equipment?

As an independent contractor, purchasing your equipment is making an investment in your business.  If you were to start your own business in any other field, you would have to invest in both training and equipment related to that field.  For example, if you received training as a house painter and started your own painting business, you would be responsible for purchasing your equipment such as scaffolding, ladders, drapes or drop-cloths for covering furniture, rollers, brushes.  You'd also be required to provide supplies like tape, primer, and paint for each job.  In addition, you'd be responsible for seeking out customers and marketing your painting company in order to begin working and bringing in income. 


Southern Reporting is no different in that you will be responsible for purchasing, maintaining, and/or replacing the equipment and/or supplies necessary to successfully complete your work as an independent contractor transcriptionist.  Though you will be given access to assignments from Southern Reporting's independent contractor court reporters, you will still be responsible for maintaining a high quality of work and timeliness with work assignments in order to market yourself to your clients, the court reporters.